The Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (FAHRO) was established nearly 70 years ago as a means of exchanging information for the purpose of improving low income and affordable housing and community services.

Since our formation, we have remained committed to its core mission of providing professional development of providing public, assisted, and other affordable housing in the state of Florida by offering a network for increased communication and education, as well as supporting legislation for the improvement and development of affordable housing and economic opportunities.  Additionally, FAHRO members enjoy an organization that evolves to meet their needs and obtain solutions to any hurdles to their success.

Benefits of membership in FAHRO include professional development, advocacy, analysis, communication, networking, partnerships, scholarships, best practices, disaster preparedness, recognition, and affordable insurance.

At this time, our membership includes more than 200 housing agencies, community development agencies, and associate members who work together to ensure that all of Florida’s citizens have clean, safe, and sanitary housing.